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The Evolution of EPM

March 29, 2018

Now more than ever businesses are turning to finance to identify and drive the initiatives that support innovation, agility and growth. Enterprise Performance Management has been a powerful tool to enable these strategic initiatives and make finance a more prominent player in the organization.

EPM has evolved with advancements in professional skills, business processes, and EPM technology. Three distinct phases of evolution have emerged around these three elements: Reactive, Proactive, and Optimized. An optimized EPM environment is characterized by continuous, connected, and collaborative planning.

Watch our webinar on-demand as we take a deep dive into collaborative planning with Host Analytics MyPlan. By the end of the presentation you will have learned how this innovative new product designed specifically for the budget owner drives higher engagement, accuracy, and accountability in planning and budgeting for the entire organization.

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Host Modeling Gets Predictive

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