The Evolution of the FP&A Function

June 9, 2017

In today’s volatile market, the Financial Planning and Analysis function has emerged as a key business partner. Organizations are relying on their FP&A executives to provide the business with the information they need to remain agile and react quickly to change to maintain the competitive edge. What does the day to day role of FP&A look like in today’s landscape and how has it evolved? How can the executive team best support and invest in the FP&A function?

In this webcast, we’ll have an interactive discussion featuring FP&A experts. They’ll share their own experiences, the current state of the FP&A function, the forces driving an increased need for accurate planning and forecasting, and where the future is going.

During this webcast, we discuss:

  • How organizations are investing in the FP&A function
  • The challenges and opportunities that technology presents
  • The skillsets that FP&A executives need to be more efficient
  • How market forces and today’s economy are impacting planning
  • The future of the FP&A function
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The 4 Phases of Finance Transformation

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