Board Reporting: Efficiency, Automation & Getting Beyond the Numbers

January 21, 2015

The quarterly Board book is due in 2 hours, and we just got word from the Controller that a few numbers need to be adjusted.

Time to panic, right? Unfortunately, this is quite common, and many finance professionals charged with producing their company's Board book would panic in this situation. Several Excel sheets would need to be updated, and the CEO's commentary would need revisiting to accurately explain the numbers.

The good news is that there does not need to be a company-wide heartburn the days leading up to the Board book's production and distribution.

Join Jim Perry, Finance Manager, iCIMS and Janette Kosior, Director of Product Marketing, Host Analytics as they discuss:

  • How automation can help alleviate several common pain points associated with Board book production
  • How technology is allowing companies to produce Board books that can be updated in real-time from anywhere with a mobile device
  • How new, more efficient technique in producing your company's Board book can improve the quality of the final product
  • How a leading provider of innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) talent acquisition solutions was able to compress their Board book production process from days to hours and enhance the strategic value of its Board book to Board members
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