The EPM Market Landscape Responds To The Growth Agenda And Digital Disruption

August 25, 2015

Invest In EPM To Drive Growth And Insight

The overall economy is now in a growth mode and many businesses see growth
opportunities as a result of changing business paradigms in the digital age. These growth
opportunities highlight the need for speed, flexibility, and insight from planning and
performance processes.

Quality And Timeliness Enrich Business Performance Information

Timely information delivers higher value to business stakeholders, who can no longer
rely on latent batch processes to manage business performance. AD&D professionals
can help by creating more automated and frequent connections between applications
and EPM.

Technology Is Transforming The EPM Vendor Landscape

Technology innovation, particularly around SaaS, usability, analytics, and collaboration,
opens opportunities for innovative vendors to disrupt the balance of power in EPM.
Customers can benefit from new levels of flexibility, rapid deployment, and real-time
analytics by replacing older products.

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