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No More Spreadsheets: Top 5 Reasons to STOP Using Excel for Planning and Performance Management

July 16, 2015

For serious planners, Excel just doesn't... excel.

Excel, or one of its predecessors, has been the default planning tool for hundreds of thousands of organizations since … 1979. 

However, a lot has changed in the past thirty-odd years. Increasingly, for serious enterprise-level planners – people doing real planning and performance management – Excel is not the right answer. 

This white paper explains why.

Inside the enterprise, Excel is being asked to do something it’s not designed for. It’s not secure. There’s very limited version control. It’s prone to errors, difficult to use in groups, and slows the planning process down significantly. While enterprise EPM systems address these issues, they can also be ferociously expensive. 

The solution? Cloud-based EPM systems that combine Excel’s low cost and ease of use with the power and collaboration tools of traditional EPM.

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